Javascript Weekly No.74



CoffeeScript 1.3.x Released

PhoneGap 1.6 Released

mag.js: A New, German-Language Online JavaScript Magazine



本周好文 Arrow Functions and Method Definitions

Qt 5 Makes JavaScript A First-Class Citizen for App Development

Don’t ‘docwrite’ Scripts

Understanding MVVM – A Guide For JavaScript Developers

JavaScript Syntax Tree Visualization with Esprima

How to Build a Slideshow with jmpress.js

A JSConf 2012 Writeup

Creating Grammatical Regexes Using

Add Gesture Support to Your Webapp via Hammer.js

Javascript A-Z Cheat Sheet

A Simple But Powerful Backbone View Model Binder

Profiling Node.js Apps with DTrace

JavaScript Objects and Prototypes Screencast





Meteor: A New Way To Build Webapps?

Zepto.js v1.0 RC1 Released

Timeline: Attractive JavaScript-Powered Timelines

ondomready: AMD Compatible Module to Detect When The DOM Is Ready

Node-Qt: Native Bindings to the Qt Framework

Stapes.js: A (Really) Tiny JavaScript MVC Microframework

Flame.js: A Widget/UI Library for Ember.js

JSLintMate: JSLint and JSHint in TextMate

CoffeeConsole: A Chrome Extension for CoffeeScript

Emblr: A Ember.js Tumblelog

The Big Glossary of Open Source JavaScript and Web Frameworks with Cool Names




本文:April 13, 2012发布



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