Javascript Weekly No.122



Backbone.js 1.0 Released

Kickstarter Project: “JS Git” by Tim Caswell

asm.js in Firefox Nightly

UtahJS 2013 Conference Call For Speakers (May 17th)





How I Write Node.js Modules

The Genius of Unicode in JavaScript Identifiers

Strict Mode = Static Scoping

ECMAScript 6 and Method Definitions

Notes of The March 2013 TC39 Meeting

Superhero.js: Resources On Handling Large JavaScript Code Bases

Make Backbone.js Better With Extensions

Adobe’s Ecma TC39 Involvement

The Art of Node

Machine Learning: Naive Bayes Document Classification in JavaScript

Currying Favor with Partial Application to Get JavaScript SQL


OOP In JavaScript: What You Need to Know

A JavaScript Refresh

Ember.js: Baby Steps

Fun with AngularJS





Chart.js: HTML5 Charts for Your Website

Companion: Load Vanilla JavaScript Into Your Node Projects

Punch: A Fun and Easy Way to Build Modern Websites

Kendo UI Spring 2013 Released

jQuery TourBus: jQuery Tour/Walkthrough Plugin

Clouseau: Node.js Library for Testing Your Web Page

node-chimera: Headless WebKit Integration for Node.js

Intro.js: Wizard-Like User Interface Guides

Sublime Web Inspector: Debug Javascript Right in The Sublime Text Editor

Bootstro.js: Show Users A Guided Tour Of What’s On Your (Bootstrap) Page


Book: Functional JavaScript




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