Javascript Weekly No.154



The Online JavaScript Summit 2013 – November 19-21, 2013

Retire.js: Identify JS Libraries with Known Vulnerabilities in Your App

Get Up And Running With Grunt

A Developer Preview of an AWS SDK for JavaScript in the Browser





Introduction to Sails.js

A Gentle Introduction to Monads in JavaScript

Rapid Chrome App Development with AngularJS

Contrasting Backbone and Angular

Audio Synthesis in JavaScript

The JavaScript Event Loop: Explained

Getting Started With Socket.IO

Cryptography in The Browser

Working with jQuery DataTables

Refactoring to AngularJS Directive in 9 Steps

A Tale of Frankenstein and Binding to Service Values in Angular.js

Taking Photos with A Phonegap App and Uploading Them to A Server

String Iteration Is Fixed in Firefox Nightly

The History of “typeof null”

Frequently Misunderstood JavaScript Concepts

Why Was JavaScript Standardized by ECMA Rather Than The W3C?

The HTML5 Mobile Challenge: Hybrid or Native?

Optimizing AngularJS: 1200ms to 35ms





For The Next Generation: JavaScript Education for A Better JavaScript

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About JavaScript Numbers





ExpressWorks: Automated Express.js/Node.js Workshop

Ember Charts: Attractive, Easily Extensible Charts with D3 and Ember

JsCode: Generate and Share JavaScript Coding Guidelines

An Ember.js Gauge Component

Fine Uploader: File Uploading Widget

Duration.js: Parsing and Creating Durations

node-jvm: A Java Virtual Machine Implemented in Node.js

id3.js: Parser for ID3 Tags (in MP3 Files)

Glide.js: A Simple, Lightweight & Fast jQuery Slider


Automate your release process

CodeCombat: Learn to Code JavaScript by Playing a Game




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