Javascript Weekly No.85



Node 0.8 Released: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

jQuery 2.0 (Coming in 2013) To Drop Support for IE 6, 7 and 8

Cloud9 Launches Its Redesigned, Collaborative Online JavaScript IDE





How to Build An ‘Out Run’-Style Racing Game

jQuery 1.8 Beta 1: See What’s Coming (and Going!)

On ES6 Modules

10 Things You Didn’t Know JavaScript Could Do

A Gentle Introduction to Backbone.js

Dynamically Rendering GitHub Files in Web Pages

Building Your First Polyfill

Sup, AngularJS? (An Interactive Presentation with Live Code Examples)

Improved Developer Tooling and Yeoman

How to Build a First Person Shooter in the Browser with Three.js and WebGL

What Is The Execution Context and Stack in JavaScript?

From Google I/O 2012: ‘Better Web App Development Through Tooling’ with Paul Irish





jQuery Vector Maps: Resizable Scalable Vector Maps for Modern Browsers

Repo.js: jQuery Plugin to Embed a GitHub Repo onto a Page

BananaBread 0.2 Released: Levels!

TextDrive: A Text Editor for ChromeOS, Built with AngularJS

NVD3: Reusable Charts and Chart Components for d3.js

F**kItJS: Runs Your JavaScript Code At Any Price

Walrus: A Mustache-Influenced JS Templating Library

SeuratJS: A RaphaelJS Plugin for Creating Pointillized Animations

Gamecore.js: Increase Javascript Game Performance ‘by 1200%’

Sencha Try: A Treasure Trove of Ext JS and Sencha Touch Code Snippets

Now in Print: Programming in CoffeeScript by Mark Bates

A ‘Pick and Mix’ Tooling Workshop Day With 3 JS Gurus (in the UK in November)




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