Javascript Weekly No.93



CKEditor 4 Beta Released

Node 0.8.8 (stable) Released

Octane: Google’s JavaScript Benchmark Suite for the Modern Web





JavaScript Physics Engines Comparison

Writing a Command Line Tool with Node.js

JavaScript Scope Quiz

Creating A Custom Theme in jQuery Mobile

Let’s Make a Drawing Game with Node.js

Jasmine.Async: Making Asynchronous Testing With Jasmine Suck Less

Handling 1 Million Concurrent Connections with Node.js

JavaScript Video Technology Only 17 Years in The Making

Developing and Hosting an HTML5 Game with MongoDB, Node.js and OpenShift

Determining Objects in a Set: Examples in JavaScript

Using JSHint Inside Visual Studio: The Basics

Backbone.js: Internals Summary

Flickr-Style Dynamic Edit Fields with jQuery and CSS3

Beyond the DOM: Sane Structure for JS Apps

Jeremy Ashkenas Explains Backbone.js at Throne of JS





is.js: Small Library for Identifying Types in JavaScript

Prism: Lightweight, Elegant JavaScript-powered Syntax Highlighting

BigVideo.js: A jQuery Plugin for Big Background Video

Buffet: Performance-oriented Static File Server for Node.js

ForkQueue: Work Queue for Node.js That Uses Child Processes

jQuery Toggles: jQuery Plugin for Simple Toggle Buttons

15 Cool jQuery Animation Plugins

Chirp.js: Tweets On Your Site, Simply

A Date Range Picker for Twitter Bootstrap

HiloJS: A Sample Windows Metro-Style App Using JavaScript

FTPM: Node-powered Font Package Manager

Berliner: Lightweight Web Framework in 16 Lines of CoffeeScript

JS-i18n: JavaScript in Your (Spoken) Language




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