Javascript Weekly No.97



Smashing Node.JS Book Now Available

Announcing YUI 3.7.0

jQueryUK 2013 Call For Proposals Open Till October 11 (Oxford, England)





The Distinction Between Expressions and Statements in JavaScript

Test-Driven Node.js Development with Grunt

Computer Science in JavaScript: Insertion Sort

WebMatrix 2: Front End (and JS) Web Developers Take Note

Jeremy Ashkenas on Why Coffeescript Really Does Understand Lexical Scope

Actually, YOU Don’t Understand Lexical Scope!

Advice On and Instruction in The Use Of Ember.js

Testing Backbone + RequireJS Applications with Jasmine

ECMAScript Internationalization API: One Step Closer

Pure JavaScript: 48 Minutes of Getting Functional in JS

Practical KnockoutJS: A 9 Episode Screencast Series

Lo-Dash: Why You Shouldn’t Always Opt for Native JS Methods First

Hygienic Macros for JavaScript with Sweet.js





Deployd: Simple Way to Build Node-powered Backends and APIs

hashid: Generate Unique Decryptable Hashes From Numbers

JSLogger: Log Javascript Errors and Events in The Cloud

Nunjucks: A JS Port of Python’s jinja2 Templating Language

Chai: BDD / TDD Assertion Library for Node and The Browser

Zombie.js: Fast, Full-Stack, Headless Testing / Browsing

Node.js 0.9.2 (Unstable)

Introducing Gith: GitHub WebHooks For Node.js

model: Datastore-Agnostic ORM in JavaScript

Backbone.StickIt: Yet Another Model-View Binding Plugin for Backbone

Pedalboard.js: JS Framework for Developing Audio Effects for Guitars

Punch Reloaded: A Modern Web Publishing Framework Built on Node.js

GlowScript: An Online WebGL Animation Development Environment




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