DB Weekly No.55



Primary Keyvil, Reprised

Graph Databases vs Relational Databases

Augmenting MySQL with Big Data and NoSQL

RethinkDB 2.0: Now Production Ready

Building a Distributed Fault-Tolerant Key-Value Store

MySQL Leader Percona Takes Aim at MongoDB

Types of NoSQL Databases

ThingieQuery: An SQL Plugin for Excel




Google Cloud Dataflow Now Open for Business

Building Your First Application with MongoDB: Creating A REST API using The MEAN Stack

Intro to Database Systems: Schema Refinement – Functional Dependencies

Using MongoDB Tailable Cursors to Create Real-Time Apps

Hadoop: The Tale of Data Storage to Data Processing

Why or How Did You End Up Working with Databases and SQL? Do You Enjoy It?

Finding Bugs in SQLite, The Easy Way

Deep Dive into Spark SQL’s Catalyst Optimizer

Writing a Redis Client in Pure Bash

SQLAlchemy 1.0.0 Released: The Python SQL Toolkit and ORM

SQL to C Translator for SQLite

PyMongo 3: A Rewrite of The Python Driver for MongoDB



本文:April 17, 2015发布




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