DB Weekly No.59



MemSQL 4 Released, Available in New ‘Community Edition’

The Sea of SQL

JSON Support Coming to SQL Server 2016

See What Tinder is doing to Scale their MongoDB

Top 10 Data Mining Algorithms in Plain English

Yahoo’s MySQL Performance Analyzer

SQL MERGE Is Quite Distinct From UPSERT

Your Data Fits in RAM




In-Database R coming to SQL Server 2016

A Lockbox in The Cloud: Microsoft Research Project Reveals New Method for Keeping Data Private

Workload Analysis with MySQL’s Performance Schema

Getting the First Row per Group 5X Faster (with SQL)

Think Twice, Join Once: Distinct On in PostgreSQL

Using MySQL’s Experimental HTTP API with Ruby

Why The Hate for MS Access?

Faster Responses: Data and Query Caching using Redis

Why Auto Increment Is A Terrible Idea



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