Web Operations Weekly No.11



HTTP2 and Front-End Performance with Mark Nottingham

Network Activity and Battery Drain in Mobile Web Apps

Measuring SSL Performance: RSA Keys

Lessons Learned While Working On Large-Scale Server Software

The Chrome DevTools Timeline: Now Providing the Full Story

600k Concurrent WebSocket Connections on AWS using Node




Running Arbitrary Executables in AWS Lambda

Google To Favor ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Sites In Search

NGINX Open Sources TCP Load Balancing

Docker 1.6 Released

Taking Netflix’s Vector (Performance Monitoring Tool) For A Spin

Improve JavaScript Performance Analysis Results with User Marks in IE 10+

You’re Optimizing the Wrong Things

Building An Asynchronous API to Improve Performance

4 Creative Ways to Test Your Code in Production

What’s Up with WhatsApp and WebRTC?

HTTP/2 Is Much Faster Than SPDY Thanks to Dependency-Based Prioritization

There Are Good Reasons to Be Anti-Net Neutrality – But You Need to Really Trust Telecom Companies

test.webrtc.org: WebRTC Troubleshooter Tool

An IxD (Interaction Design) Checklist



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