Web Operations Weekly No.5


What Does My Site Cost?

The Case for Auto-Preloading: The Anatomy of a Battle-Tested WPO Treatment

Improving UX RESTfully with HTTP/1.1 Cache Injection

If Your Site Uses HTTPS, Add The ‘referrer’ Meta Tag So It Shows Up in Analytics

State of the Union: Mobile Web Performance


templar: A HTTP Proxy to Improve Usage of HTTP APIs




HTTPS-crippling “FREAK” Bug Affects Windows After All

Red Hat Launches Its Docker-Centric Atomic Host Linux Distribution

PNG and JPEG XR Vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer

HBO NOW DNSSEC Misconfiguration Makes Site Unavailable From Comcast Networks

Announcing Virtual DNS: DDoS Mitigation and Global Distribution for DNS Traffic

Migrating Virtual Machines from Amazon EC2 to Google Compute Engine

Shared Dictionary Compression for HTTP at LinkedIn

Design Decisions Through The Lens Of A (Web) Performance Budget

A Performance Audit of CanIUse.com

Google Cloud vs AWS: A (Quick) Comparison

Microservices at Netflix: Lessons for Team and Process Design

Microservices: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Fix HTTPS by Replacing Certificates with A Blockchain?

Digital Ocean Private Networking is not ‘Private’

How PlayFab Migrated From EC2-Classic to VPC with Zero Downtime

Implementing Responsive Images with Jason Grigsby

Tiny Docker Operating Systems

Common .htaccess Redirects

Dropwizard: A Java Framework for High Performance RESTful Web Services

Lwan: A High-Performance, Scalable Web Server



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