Cloud Development Weekly No.17



Docker Toolbox: A Faster Way to Use Docker from Mac and Windows

New – Monitor Your AWS Free Tier Usage

Get Free Gigabyte Hours on Your Codenvy Account

Dell’s New 13-Inch Chromebook Is Like a Pixel You Can Really Afford

A Look at AWS Elastic Beanstalk’s New Real-Time Health Checks

AWS Aurora – It’s Showtime for Amazon’s New RDS Engine

How to Use Heroku PGBackups

Building and Scaling A Cloud Service for Developers

Creating Isomorphic Apps with Node.js, React, and Express




DigitalOcean Teams Up With Bitnami, Lets You Install 100+ Apps in a Few Clicks

Announcing General Availability of Google Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub

HP Buys Stackato As Development Platform Play

Koding Gets $10M to Speed Up Development with Its Cloud-Based IDE

How to Deploy Nginx on Heroku

How to Vendor Go Dependencies with Docker

Bye Chromebooks – Acer’s New Windows 10 Notebooks Just Killed You

Docker: With Content Trust, You Can Run Containers on Untrusted Networks

What Is The Best Cloud IDE?

Mockaroo: A Realistic Random Data Generator

20 Useful CSS/HTML JavaScript Online Editors

Gockerize: Packages Static Golang Binaries Into Docker Containers

WebGLStudio.js: 3D Dev Environment for The Web



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