Mobile Web Weekly No.17



5 JavaScript APIs to Empower Your Mobile Web Pages

4 Mistakes To Avoid in Mobile App Development

Creating and deploying hybrid mobile apps using PhoneGap Build

The Jungle of Mobile HTML5 Development

Major New Release: Onsen UI 1.1 Reduces AngularJS Complexity, Supports jQuery

RhoMobile Suite 5: For Building OS-Agnostic Mobile Apps with HTML 5, CSS and JS

Deployment and Development using PhoneGap Build for a Cordova/PhoneGap app

Device-Bugs: Collection of Quirks and Issues That Occur On Mobile Browser Platforms

The Mobile Playbook

What’s the Best Way to Use Apache Cordova?

Ten CSS One-Liners to Replace Native Apps

Using Firebase Simple Login with Ionic and PhoneGap

An example of Cordova’s Camera PopoverOptions

Device Mirroring Options for Mobile Developers

sense.js: Simple Gestures for Mobile Web Browsers



本文:July 30, 2014发布




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