Node Weekly No.22



npm, Inc. Announces a $2.6M Seed Round of Funding

No more ‘npm publish -f’

Node-summary: Summarizes Text using A Naive Summarization Algorithm




Build Desktop Apps with JavaScript and Node WebKit

TDD and BDD With The MEAN Stack: Introduction

Node.js and Real-Time Video Encoding

Node.JS Applications Can Soon Benefit From Native LLVM Compilation?


Watching and Listening


A Private npm Registry in 4 Minutes

Go Node Without Code


Libraries, Code and Tools


Introducing Sheetdown: A Node Module to Turn a Google Spreadsheet into a Markdown Table

Tready.js: A Framework That Allows Running Components in Node.js and The Browser

Cytoscape.js: A Graph Library for Analysis and Visualisation

Express Route Grouping

npm-describe: NPM Package Dependencies (Textual) Visualization


Quilter: Maps A File Directory to A CouchDB / Cloudant Database

intel v0.5 Released


Last but not least.


Improve Your Node.js App Performance



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