Node Weekly No.39



Notes from the Road

Broadening Node.js Contributions

Real-Time Chat With Node.js’ Readline and




Seven Things You Should Stop Doing with Node.js

A Quick Interview with TJ Fontaine, Node.js Core Team Leader

Create a TV Show Tracker using AngularJS, Node.js and MongoDB

Receiving Emails with Node using Mailin

Automating Web Performance Measurement With PSI For Node

Convention-based, Modular MVC with Shared Rendering in Node.js

Laser Intrusion Detection with Johnny-Five on Node.js

Controlling a Relay with Johnny-Five on Node.js

The Emperor’s New Clothes Were Built with Node.js

Node Hardware Hacking with Tessel


Libraries, Code and Tools


BridJS: Bind Any C Functions and Structures Without Writing Any Extra Native Code

somewhere.js: A Small JSON File Database for Node.js

bud: A Minimalistic Task Manager

node-drawille: Drawing in the Terminal with Unicode Braille Characters



本文:June 12, 2014发布




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