DB Weekly No.68



How does a relational database work

Azure DocumentDB: JavaScript as Modern Day T-SQL

ORMs under the hood

CurioDB: A Distributed, Persistent Redis Clone

“Big data” features coming in PostgreSQL 9.5

Comparing MongoDB performance on public clouds: AWS, Azure & Digital Ocean

The SQLite Query Planner

CLIQZ’s first major open source contribution: Keyvi, the key value index

Labellio: Scalable Cloud Architecture for Efficient Multi-GPU Deep Learning

Extending Seven Bridges Genomics with Amazon Redshift and R




Become a MySQL DBA blog series – The Query Tuning Process

Long live your app: MongoDB Replication

MongoDB Announces Support for IBM z Systems’ Mainframe Solutions

Using SQLite4’s LSM Storage Engine as a Stand-alone NoSQL Database with Python

AWS Data Pipeline Support for all Amazon RDS Databases Now Available

SqlSmash V2: Faster and Better

The 8 Best Ways To Lose Your DBA

The Amazon DynamoDB Storage Backend for Titan


mongo-aggregation-debugger: An Aggregation Pipeline Debugger for MongoDB





本文:August 21, 2015发布



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