HTML5 Weekly No.14

News and Latest Developments


2nd Edition of ‘Introducing HTML5’ Now Available

AppMobi to Open Source All Its HTML5 APIs on Black Friday

Adobe Donates Flex to Apache


Articles and Tutorials


The Fundamentals, Primitives and History of HTML5

Get to Grips with CSS3 Multiple Background Images

Native Fullscreen JavaScript API

Going Fullscreen with Canvas

Writing Forward-Compatible Websites

Asynchronous UIs – The Future of Web User Interfaces

Web Intents – A Short Introduction

HTML5 2D Gaming Performance Analysis

HTML5 Could Mute Browser-Apps Argument




ThreeNodes.js: A Visual WebGL Scene Editor

Electric Mobile Simulator – An iOS Safari Simulator for Windows

FalconJS: Adobe’s Answer for MXML/ActionScript to HTML/JavaScript Conversion


Code and Libraries


CSS3 Social Sign-in Buttons

TGV.js: Deferred Image Loading with JavaScript and HTML5 Data Attributes


Last but not least..


@CodeWisdom: Inspirational Programming Quotes and Links on Twitter



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