HTML5 Weekly No.25

News and Latest Developments


Firefox’s 2012 Roadmap

PeepCode Releases ‘HTML5: Browser Caching’ Screencast

Mozilla Leads in HTML5 Accessibility Support


Articles and Tutorials


WebGL Fundamentals

Web Notifications in Chrome: A Demo and Source

LayoutUnit: The Answer to WebKit’s Sub-Pixel Layout Ambitions

Getting Gmail to Handle All mailto: Links With registerProtocolHandler

Building a WebGL Game with GLGE (Part 1)

High Performance HTML5 Content in Windows 8 Metro-style Apps

3D Transformations with Firefox 10+

It’s Curtains for Marital Strife Thanks to getUserMedia

How Zynga Is Transforming Games With HTML5


A Focus on The WebKit Prefixes Commotion


W3C CSS Working Group February 6 Meeting Minutes

Standardizing Incompatibilities

WebKit Isn’t Breaking the Web. You Are.

Web Standards by Dustin Curtis

Every Time You Call A Proprietary Feature ‘CSS3’, A Kitten Dies




Remote-Tilt – Emulate Motion Events for Testing Purposes

playMobi: HTML5 Game Monetization and Social Features


Code and Libraries


Modernizr 2.5 Released

Moving An Element Along a Circle with CSS Transforms

Multi-direction Hover Detection in Pure CSS (Clever!)

SocketRocket: A WebSocket library for Objective-C




/r/html5games: A New Sub-Reddit for HTML5 Games and Game Developers

Chrome Developers, A Google+ Group

CSS Compatibility Tables for Internet Explorer 5 through 9




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