HTML5 Weekly No.183



Peering Through the WebRTC Fog with SocketPeer

WebGL Fundamentals: Learn WebGL from the Basics

IE Diagnostics Adapter: Debug and Diagnose IE using Chrome’s Debugging Protocol

Visual Test-Driven Dev for Responsive Interface Design

High Performance HTML

Call for Review: HTML5 Web Messaging Proposed Recommendation Published

How to Test for Internet Explorer on Android, iOS & OS X


The brief


Blink/Chromium Intent to Implement: Pointer Events

Service Workers Now in Firefox Nightly

WebRTC Market Expanding and Maturing, But in Unexpected Ways

Upgrade Insecure Requests: An Editor’s Draft

Simplified Concepts in Web Animations Naming

Mobile Game Development with The Device Orientation and Vibration APIs

How to Create a 12 Column Grid System with Sass

Motion Blur Effect with SVG

Animating CSS-Only Hamburger Menu Icons

Move And Scale SVG Graphics with the viewBox Attribute

Towards a Taxonomy of Errors in HTML and CSS [PDF]

What Nobody Tells You About “will-change”

Pure CSS3 Calculator

HTMLHint: Static Code Analysis for HTML

Beta of C#/XAML for HTML5: Create Cross-Platform HTML5 with C# and XAML

Babylon.js: A Framework for Building 3D Games with HTML 5 and WebGL

ShaderEditorExtension: Chrome DevTools Extension to Live-Edit WebGL Shaders



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