DB Weekly No.74



Why SQL Is Simply Awesome

Couchbase 4.0 Released, Adds Multi Dimensional Scaling and More

You Probably Don’t Use SQL INTERSECT or EXCEPT Often Enough

How Airbnb Partitioned Its Main Database in Two Weeks

What PostgreSQL Has Over Other Open Source SQL Databases

AWS Database Migration Service

SpaceCurve: An Utterly Unique And Absurdly Fast Geospatial Database

How to Make a Box-and-Whisker Plot in SQL




Amazon QuickSight: Fast & Easy to Use Business Intelligence for Big Data

Caching a MongoDB Database with Redis

Easy Load-Balancing and High-Availability using MySQL Router

Combined Row-Based and Columnar Storage in PostgreSQL 9.5

Introduction to Redis Data Structures: Sets

Protecting MySQL Passwords with the sha256_password Plugin

Clash of the Titans: MapReduce vs. Spark for Large Scale Data Analytics [PDF]

Redis Keys in RAM

PostgreSQL Monitoring Cheatsheet

Ask HN: Anything Better Than Tableau for Data Viz, Dashboards?

Ask HN: Implementing a graph database using Postgres tables for nodes and edges?

SampleClean: Fast and Accurate Query Processing on Dirty Data

libsl3: A C++ wrapper for SQLite3



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