Web Operations Weekly No.35



The End of Safe Harbor and a Scary Path Forward

The Post-Amazon Challenge and the New Stack Model

Introducing RAIL: A User-Centric Model For Performance

Amazon Launches ‘Elasticsearch Service’ (ES)

CORS for Concern

Google Weblight: Move Fast, Break Things?

E-Commerce Perf ‘Sweet Spot’ Now 2 Seconds for Both Mobile and Desktop

AWS WAF: A Web Application Firewall from Amazon




Coming Soon – EC2 Dedicated Hosts

Mobile Browser Traffic Is 2X Bigger Than App Traffic, and Growing Faster

HTTPS Support Coming to Blogspot/Blogger

Introduction to EC2 Container Service

Testing PHP Code using Docker

Docker Basics Q+A: Understanding Union Filesystems, Storage and Volumes

IndexedDB, WebSQL, LocalStorage – What Blocks The DOM?

IPv6: It’s Time to Get On Board

Receive and Process Incoming Email with Amazon SES

Gryffin: A Large Scale Web Security Scanning Platform From Yahoo



本文:October 7, 2015发布


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