Mobile Web Weekly No.78





Introducing the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project for a faster, open mobile web

Mobile Web Accessibility for Developers

More than half of all Google searches now happen on mobile devices

Why Mobile Just Changed Forever

Building Hybrid Apps with Ember

The Viability of JS Frameworks on Mobile

Build a Hybrid App with Ionic and Windows Azure Mobile Services

Why is it so Easy to Get ‘Mobile First’ Wrong?

AMP and Incentives

The Ad Blocker’s Dilemma

What is the deal with Accelerated Mobile Pages – AMP

Why The Mobile Web Runs So Slowly

Hello Modules: Your Third Ionic Framework App

Mapbox Plugin

Getting Started With Wearables: How To Plan, Build And Design

How to scroll up by tapping the status bar in Cordova/PhoneGap


Cordova Plugin Adapter for React Native




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