HTML5 Weekly No.211




Pseudo-Comments in CSS, or How Browsers Parse Styles

Lazy Loading Images on the Web

Using the aria-owns Attribute

Using ‘srcset’ and the ‘picture’ Element to Tailor Images to Every Device and Layout

How to Master Screen Orientation with HTML5

Don’t Wait for ServiceWorker: Easily Add Offline Support

Input Device Capabilities, a New Feature in Chrome 47



In Brief



In Firefox 44 Nightly, ‘http:’ Pages with Password Inputs Now Marked Insecure

“The serviceworker devtools panel has landed in Chrome Canary”

With Epoch, Adcade Makes It Easy For Designers And Developers To Build Cross-Platform, HTML5 Ads

Looks Like WebRTC Is Coming to Safari?

Adding A Splash Screen for Installed Web Apps in Chrome 47

navigator.mediaDevices(): The MediaDevices Object for Selecting Devices

Notes on the Use of Multiple ARIA Role Attribute Values

How To Work With SVG Text

Web Developer Reading List: The HTML5 Fullscreen and Dialog APIs

AMPs and Websites in The Age of the Service Worker

Ensure High Contrast for Text Over Images

Strapless: Arguments for Not Using Bootstrap

ImageOptim: An OS X Image Optimizer for Web Images




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