Mobile Web Weekly No.81



Architecting the new Imgur Mobile Web App

Introduction to Ionic 2

When Research Findings Challenge Our Conventions

Mozilla is finally making an iOS app, and it’s ‘coming soon’ Aims to End The HTML5 vs Native Debate

How We Hold Our Gadgets

touchstone-navigator: A Navigation Controller component for TouchstoneJS

Apache Cordova iOS 3.9.2

Measuring the Mobile Experience

Ionic Bundle

Ionic 2: How to Use Google Maps & Geolocation

Mobile Design Trends 2016: Magical Micro-interactions

Android Developers Can Now Choose Exactly When App Updates Go Live

Things I Wish I Were Told About React Native

Framework7-Pure-Angular-Template: A template for Framework7 based on Angular with pure HTML5, CSS3 and JS

There’s a Cordova Plugin for that! (Session Recording)

Make Your Own Facebook Mobile App with Monaca

Apache Cordova Face-to-Face Meeting, Fall 2015



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