Web Operations Weekly No.39



WebPageTest: Site Performance Test Tool, Now With Real 3G

How Shopify Scales to Handle High Traffic Flash Sales

Throttling the Network in Chrome DevTools

Making Manageable Microservices on AWS

When Research Findings Challenge Our Conventions

Disrupting DevOps: A Market Map of the Container Ecosystem

Why ‘Ad Blockers’ Are Also Changing the Game for SaaS and App Developers





Docker 1.9 Released: Production-Ready Swarm and Multi-Host Networking

The Road to 2 Million Websocket Connections in Phoenix

Still Fuming Over HTTPS Mishap, Google Makes Symantec An Offer It Can’t Refuse

How Google’s AMP Project Speeds Up The Web – by Sandblasting HTML

Lets Talk About Proxies, Pt. 2: Nginx as a Forward HTTP Proxy

Serving Certificates From Redis with OpenResty and ssl_certificate_by_lua

The Case for HTTP/2

Building Resilient Services with Go

An Interview with Tammy Everts at Velocity New York 2015

Why Static Website Generators Are The Next Big Thing

7XX-rfc: An RFC for A New Series of HTTP Status Codes Covering Developer Fouls

Bigger, Faster, and More Engaging While On A Budget

Jeffrey Zeldman Reflects on Web Performance Today

Online HTTP Security Report Tool

Applikatoni: Tech-Agnostic Deployments of Multiple Apps to Multiple Servers

parallec: Fast Parallel Async HTTP/SSH/TCP/Ping Client Java Library

High Availability using DNS, HAproxy, Keepalived and Nginx on Openstack

The Design of a High-Performance File Server (1989)



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