T2.Nano Instances Now Available on EC2

Hosting Multiple Apps On A Single Domain with Heroku

Cloudcraft: Draw Diagrams of AWS Infrastructure

Codenvy’s Tyler Jewell on Codenvy and Containers

The Next Generation of Managed MySQL Offerings On Cloud SQL

Migrating Mountains of Big Data to AWS

The Definitive Guide to Ruby Heap Dumps, Part II

Autodesk Launches 3D Cloud Development Platform

Taking Let’s Encrypt for a Spin

Background Sync: A New Web API from Google

SqlPad: A Web App for Running SQL Queries and Visualizing The Results


In brief


The Next Steps of The Arduino Create Betatesting

Encrypted EBS Boot Volumes on AWS

IBM Encourages Development of Cloud-based Apps for First Responders

EC2 Run Command Update – Now Available for Linux Instances

Oracle’s Cloud Revenues Keep Rising As Costs Taper Off

New: Managed NAT (Network Address Translation) Gateway for AWS

Amazon Adopts SAWS’s Features into aws-shell

How to Use The Microsoft Azure Cloud On The NetBeans IDE

Using CloudWatch to Monitor AWS S3 Buckets

Creating a Histogram in Redshift

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

Build 3D CSS Transforms Without Coding

Caddy 0.8: Automatic HTTPS for Your Sites / Apps

Botkit: A Toolkit for Making Slack Bot Applications



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