NGINX Gains UDP Load Balancing Support

Performance Bottlenecks Evident in the Top 50 Sites of Multiple Industries

test.bi: A Reserved Domain for Your Projects with SSL Support

Google Opens Access to Its Speech Recognition API

SSH2EC2: Connect to Instances using Tags and Metadata, Not Hostnames

Analyzing Encrypted HTTPS Traffic to Identify User OS, Browser, Apps

s3git: git for Cloud Storage

Amazon Web Services’ new Encryption SDK

Varnish Now Offers Cache Persistence for Large Datasets

TLS Certificate Optimization: Lazyloading for Legacy Browsers

GoDaddy Launches AWS-Style Servers and Apps




GitLab 8.6 released with Deploy to Kubernetes and Subscribe to Label

What Does Etsy’s Architecture Look Like today?

RFC 7763: The ‘text/markdown’ Media Type

Beyond Round Robin: Load Balancing for Latency

JSON-LD: Building Meaningful Data APIs

Getting An SPA to Load The Fastest Possible Way (and How Webpack Can Help You)

tcpdump is Amazing

How Instagram Identified and Fixed Low-Hanging Web Performance Fruit

Web Page Performance Death by a Thousand Tiny Cuts

Does Running Java on Docker Containers Violate Agreements?

Why Microservices? A Biased Summary of the Assets of Microservice Architectures

4 Architecture Qualities that Make Apps Successful

Scaling to Exabytes and Beyond at Dropbox

varnish-wrapper: Wrap mitmproxy Around Varnish Cache

Kubespray: Deploy A Kubernetes Cluster with Ansible

cluster-iperf: Docker Image for Running iperf in Client or Server Mode

Match: Scalable Reverse Image Search built on Kubernetes and Elasticsearch

regrid: A File Storage System for RethinkDB Inspired by GridFS



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