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How The Internet Works: Submarine Fiber and Coaxial Cables

External API Caching with Varnish and NGINX

MongoDB Queries Don’t Always Return All Matching Documents

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The End of the Router?




HTTP/2 Server H2O Hits Version 2.0.0

Salesforce’s Data Centre Team ‘Fought’ AWS Cloud Outsourcing

Ads on AMP: Where Faster is Better

Scaleway Ramping Up to 10,000 New Bare-Metal Servers Per Month

Scaling NSQ to 750 Billion Messages

Scalable Live Video Streaming with NGINX Plus and BITMOVIN

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Using Amazon Auto Scaling with Stateful Applications

Clickbait And Traffic Laundering: How Ad Tech Is Destroying The Web

Battle of The Dashboards: Datadog vs SignalFX vs New Relic vs Wavefront

How DevOps is Killing QA

hellcat: A ‘netcat’ That Takes Unfair Advantage of Traffic Shaping Systems

An HTTPS Checker Tool For Mixed Content Issues

A Docker Container To Capture All Traffic From Host

Browser Calories: An Extension to Measure Page Weight

Torus: A Modern Distributed Storage System by CoreOS

Gordon: Create, Wire and Deploy AWS Lambdas using CloudFormation

A Docker Container with a SFTP Server with Randomized Password



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