NGINX and Supporting HTTP/2 for Google Chrome Users

Optimizing TLS Over TCP to Reduce Latency

What’s This ‘Serverless’ Thing Anyway?

AWS Is Inappropriate for Small Startups Because..

GitHub Pages Gains HTTPS/SSL Support

A Little Story about Amazon ECS, systemd, and Chaos Monkey

Experiences of Running an Online Game for 3 Years

Heroku Introduces ‘Teams’ for Better Collaboration




The Present State of Container Orchestration

New Book: ‘The Art of Monitoring’

6 Tips and Tricks for AWS Command-Line Ninjas

Performance Observer: Efficient Access to Performance Data

Writing Tests for Docker Images

Distributing Docker Cache across Hosts

How To Scale SSL with HAProxy and Nginx

How to Build and Deploy A Facebook Messenger Bot with Python and Flask

Faster Rendering on the Web

Our Web Obesity Epidemic

aws-amicleaner: Clean Up Your Old Unused AMI and Related Snapshots

A Script to Force OS X to Flush its DNS Cache

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express in a Docker Container

htconvert: Convert .htaccess Redirects to nginx.conf Redirects

Quiet-lwip: For TCP and UDP Connections Over Sound

fuzzy-dns: A Simple DNS Server to Tolerate Typos in Subdomains

Delivering Microservices for Enterprise with DevOps

Serverless Data Sync in Webapps with BitTorrent



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