State of The Mobile Gap Between Native and Web

Smart Responsive Design Patterns, Or When Off-Canvas Isn’t Good Enough

Sticky Footer, Five Ways

Progressive Web App Dev Summit 2016

Mobile Ad Blocking Rose 90% Last Year, Report Says

Another Tool to Make Mobile Web Debugging Easier

Google to Boost Mobile Web Speed on Apple Devices

Installing Ionic to Build Hybrid HTML5 Apps

Building a Cross Platform, Salesforce Powered, Contact List App

Web Developers Looking to Get Into The Mobile Space?

Mobile UX Design: The Right Ways to Ask Users for Permissions

Converting Your Ionic 2 Mobile App to NativeScript

Rise of Ad-Blocking Software Threatens Online Revenue

Elixel attends: PhoneGap Day EU 2016

How to Renew All Your Project’s Cordova Plugins At Once

ConfiGAP 2.0a Released

NativeScript Android Application Package Size Revealed



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AMP + Progressive Web Apps: Start Fast, Stay Engaged

Google’s Ambitious Project to Remake the Mobile Web

Which Mobile Option Should You Choose?

The Mobile Web Is Open for Business

Android Instant Apps and the Web

Regressive Web Apps

Menus, Sharing, and Dynamic CSS Classes in AMP

Bringing Seamless Checkouts to The Mobile Web

Google Loves The Mobile Web So Much It Put The Chrome Team Under Its Search Boss

WTF are Progressive Web Apps?

The Importance Of URLs

On URLs in Progressive Web Apps

PhoneGap Day EU Workshop

Moving from Vanilla JavaScript to Angular 2 in NativeScript

Tabris.js 1.8 is here

Ionic 2: Fixing Date Inputs for the Mobile Web

Phonegap Day EU 2016 RECAP

Angular 2 NativeScript Vs. React Native

Apps Crashing with phonegap-plugin-push and Google Play Services 9.0.0

PGDayEUWs 2016: Demo of Hybrid/Native iOS and Android apps with PhoneGap



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‘Our Best Practices Are Killing Mobile Web Performance’

65 Web and Mobile App Analytics Tools

Mobile-First News: How People Use Smartphones to Access Information

The Mobile Web: State of the Union (at Google I/O)

RespImageLint: A Linter for Responsive Images

What Are The Most Important Factors For Mobile Shoppers?

Firefox for iOS Makes it Faster and Easier to Use the Mobile Web

Creating Hybrid Applications With Monaca and ES6

Build A Simple Mobile App With NativeScript And Angular 2

How to Use the Cordova Geolocation API in an Ionic App

Pre-Touch Sensing for Mobile Interaction (Video)

Making sense of the mobile development ecosystem — Part 3

What Percent of App Downloads Become Engaged Users?

Try Augmented Reality with the PhoneGap Developer App

Thoughts on NativeScript 2.0

Latest News in Onsen UI Environment

Using Ionic 2 SqlStorage For a Simple Evernote Clone

Getting Started With Ionic: Navigation



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Embracing Fluid Typography

Service Workers and PWAs: It’s About Reliable Performance, Not ‘Offline’

How Web Developers Can Adapt to a Mobile App World

Mobile Site or App? With Progressive Web Apps You Can Get The Best of Both

Angular Mobile Toolkit

Making Sense of The Mobile Development Ecosystem: Hybrid Apps

NativeScript 2.0 Released: Use JS for Cross Platform Native Apps

What Are The Key Differences Between React Native and NativeScript?

Opera’s Ad-Blocker Goes Live For Both Desktop and Mobile Web Browsers

EU Welcomes Agreement to Make Public Sector Sites and Apps More Accessible

10 Minutes with Ionic 2: Using the Camera with Ionic Native

Uploading Multiple Files At Once with Cordova

Maintaining Separate Configs for Cordova Dev, Beta and Release Build Targets

Building the F8 App with React Native

Responsive Images with Jekyll



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Making Sense of The Mobile Development Ecosystem

Ionic Framework: A Definitive 10,000 Word Guide

Creating Cross-Platform Apps with Angular 2

Twitter for Mobile Gets React Powered Overhaul

An Interesting Change to Browsing On Android

Spotify Removes The Hamburger Button on iOS

Bots Won’t Replace Apps. Better Apps Will Replace Apps.

A Baseline for Hybrid Mobile Developers

Making IFrames Responsive

Onsen UI 2 – Next-Gen Hybrid Mobile App UI Framework now with React Components

Integrating Firebase with AngularFire2 & Ionic 2

Creating An Ionic Theme for NativeScript

My Experience Developing with Telerik NativeScript

A Sample App using Phonegap/Cordova Plugins with ReactNative

Ionic Raises $8.5m



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The Web is DOOM

Chrome Reaches 1 Billion Monthly Mobile Users with 50th Release

Solve Layout Problems: Guide to Flexbox

Wait! The Web Isn’t Dead After All. Google Made Sure of It

Publishers Find Google’s AMP Speeds Up Pages, But Ads Are Still Slow

All You Need to Know About Web Rendering

The Tilde CSS Selector, Use Carefully

Hover On Touch: JavaScript Plugin for An Alternative Hover Function on Mobile Devices

Angular 2 + React Native: The Best of Both Worlds?

Designing an Alternative to the Hamburger Menu

Introducing: Star Track by PhoneGap

Use The Device Camera In An Ionic 2 Android And iOS App

Integrating Ionic 2 with the Dropbox API – Part 2

Mobile Ad Blocking Is Real, But New Data Suggests It Might Not Matter

The Importance of Bottom Navigation

On Paid App Store Search Results

The Complete Ionic Push Notifications Guide

PhoneGap Build now supports Windows 10 and PhoneGap CLI 6.1.0

Adblocking is Helping The Digital Sharks Eat The Minnows – What’s The Solution?

Announcing the Release of Ionic 2 Beta 6



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Why Emerging Markets Are Dominating Mobile Browsing

React Native On The Universal Windows Platform

HTML5 Is Quietly Changing The App Landscape

Q1 Android WebView statistics

Making Sense of Facebook’s Moves to Speed Up the Mobile Internet

Building a Calculator App with Redux and Onsen UI

How I Build For Proprietary Platforms and Sleep at Night

22 Mobile Stats Everyone Should Know

angular2-universal-windows-app: An Universal Windows App (uwp) powered by Angular 2

Celebrate PhoneGap Day EU 2016 in Amsterdam

Onsen: Boost your Cordova Development with Monaca Power Plugins

Say Hello to React CDK

Boosting Scroll Performance in Ionic 2

Writing A Cordova Plugin In Swift For iOS

Couchbase Mobile in a Cross Platform Telerik NativeScript App



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10 Steps to Better Hybrid Apps

AMP by Example

Are Progressive Web Apps the Future?

EventListenerOptions: An Extension to The DOM Event Pattern to Achieve Better Scroll Performance

Facebook Says Users Show Preference For Instant Articles Over Mobile Web Articles

Responsive ‘images-x’ Mess On Desktop

The Web App ‘Discovery Problem’

You Can Now Link Your BitBucket and GitLab Account to PhoneGap Build

React Native: Building Your First iOS App With JavaScript

Boosting Scroll Performance in Ionic 2

Send Emails In A NativeScript App via the Rackspace Mailgun API

Why You Should Consider React Native For Your Mobile App

How to Validate Your Mobile App Idea and Make People Love It

Introducing the Cordova SQLite Plugin 2

The Web Cryptography API

Image Recognition with The Google Vision API and Ionic



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Responsive Design Breakpoints: The Ultimate Overview

UX Design for Mobile: Bottom Navigation

Interview with Google’s Alex Russell on Progressive Webapps

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): Open or Closed?

Code Reuse in Angular 2 Native Mobile Apps with NativeScript

How Mobile (And Facebook) Ate the Media World, in 5 Charts

10 Shortcuts for Effective Responsive Design

Improve User Experience With Real-Time Features

Onsen: Navigation and Tabs in the Onsen UI React Extension

reactstrap: React Bootstrap 4 Components

Progressive Web Apps Have Leapfrogged The Native Install Model

Testing Cordova In App Purchases on iOS and Android

Onsen: Preview of React Components for Onsen UI 2.0

Tips For Building Cordova Apps On Android

Building Polished Mobile Apps with Telerik UI for NativeScript

The Cordova Browser Platform



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How You Can Use Responsive Web Components Today

Mobile Web Design Adaptations for Better UX

How to Avoid Common Mistakes when Publishing Accelerated Mobile Pages

Progressive Web Apps

Using PX, EM or REM for Media Queries?

The 9 Most Common Mistakes That Ionic Developers Make

Announcing Windows Support in Ionic 2

Google Will Start Ranking ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Sites Even Higher In May

Time for Flexbox First

Windows 10 Support coming to Tabris.js

Cordova 6.1.0 Released with new plugin compatibility support

Tips for Creating Beautiful and Engaging UI

iPhone 6 Screen Size and Mobile Design Tips

Testing the New Ionic User Service

AMP and the Sandbox Policy

Cross-platform Certificate Access with Cordova

Build Your First Mobile App With Ionic 2 & Angular 2 – Part 7

Chrome Custom Tabs with NativeScript



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