Running .NET Core on Docker

How PerfOps Revolutionized Performance at Marks & Spencer

Learn Docker by Building a Microservice (in Node)

Stop Painting and Have A Meaningful Interaction

A Look At The Modern WordPress Server Stack

SSL/TLS and PKI Timeline

RFC 7873: Domain Name System (DNS) Cookies

CloudFlare Is Ruining The Internet (For Me)




New Data: Americans Are Abandoning Wired Home Internet

HTTP Archive Switches to Chrome

You Can Now Export Redis Snapshots from ElastiCache to Amazon S3

Introducing Google Container Engine ‘Node Pools’

Serving a Rails App over HTTPS using NGINX and Let’s Encrypt

How to Interpret and Report Your Performance Test Results

5 Useful Tips to Make Your Hadoop Deployment Robust

Deploying Amazon Lambda Functions with Ansible

How Netflix Caches App Data Using SSDs

How Opsee Chose A Container Orchestration Platform

How New Relic Instruments Microservice Workloads

What We Talk About When We Talk About Web Performance

The Nine Traits of Successful Web Performance Teams

AMP Offers a Window Of Opportunity to SEOs

In A Dev-Test-Ops Environment, How Much Testing Is Enough?

Use atop for Linux Server Performance Analysis, Here’s Why

Dockerize Me: A Tool to Dockerize Your Apps using Best Practices

crontab.guru: An Online Cron Schedule Expression Editor

Postlight Mercury: Instant AMPification for Your Site

wsta: A CLI Tool for Working With WebSocket APIs

hydra: Run Your Own Low-Latency OAuth2 and OpenID Provider



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Ansible 2.1 Released with Network Automation and More

Gor: Test Your System with Real Data over HTTP

Building Fast and Resilient Web Applications

Will Containers Replace Hypervisors? Almost Certainly

New DevTools Web Performance Tooling Tips and Features

TrailDB: An Efficient Library for Storing and Processing Event Data




GitLab Now Comes with a Docker Container Registry

Major DNS Provider (NS1) Hit by Mysterious, Focused DDoS Attack

Cray Unveils Open Source ‘Big Data’ Box

Citrix XenServer 7 Released

NGINX 1.11.0 Released

Content Security Policy for Single Page Web Apps

Testing Web Services with Traffic Control on Kubernetes

Five Simple Steps To Test Your Varnish Cache Deployment Using Varnishtest

Fault Tolerance on the Cheap: Part II

How to Move From Amazon RDS to A Dedicated PostgreSQL Server

The Importance of Planned Security for Your Website

The State of DevOps in 2016

Six Ways Ansible Makes Docker Compose Better

AWS vs Packet.net, Why One Company Left AWS

Reducing The Response Time to First Byte using Cache First–Process Later Method

DWatch: Manage Docker Containers, Images and Networks in A Clean Way

Cipherli.st: Strong Ciphers for Apache, nginx and Lighttpd

http-prompt: An Interactive CLI HTTP Client with Autocomplete and Syntax Highlighting

A Work-in-Progress of an FPGA Web Server

Dockershare: Expose a Container’s Filesystem as an SMB/CIFS Share



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Traefik: An HTTP Reverse Proxy and Load Balancer for Microservices

The Road to NoOps: Serverless Computing is Quickly Gaining Momentum

The Coach: A Modern Alternative to YSlow

Lever OS: A New ‘Open-Source Serverless Platform’

Understanding UX and Hacking Perceived Performance

Heroku Announces Free SSL Beta and Flexible Dyno Hours

AWS Unveils ‘X1’ Instances for EC2 with 2TB RAM

‘Our Best Practices Are Killing Mobile Web Performance’

Why Continuous Integration is Important

Microservices in Production: 5 Challenges You Should Know




Google’s Firebase Expands to Become A Unified App Platform

CloudFlare Open Sources Its NGINX HTTP/2 + SPDY Code

F5 Networks Fuses Node.js with Load Balancing for Workflow Orchestration

The Day Google Chrome Disables HTTP/2 for Nearly Everyone

The Sleepy User Agent

How Docker Is Changing The Way Songkick Develops and Ships Apps

Learn Docker and Containers in an Interactive Browser-Based Lab

Distributed Tracing for Polyglot Microservices

An Introduction to Microservices

The State of Web Security

DevOps is Undead

From Node.js to Go (for WebSocket Servers)

AWS Fuzzy Finder: SSH Into EC2 Instances using Fuzzy Search

Advanced Pinging with httping, dnsping, and smtpping

PerfCascade: SVG based HAR Waterfall Viewer

mtr.guru: Web-Based Traceroute from 7 Remote Locations

5 Tools to Help in Developing and Testing Web APIs

Certbot: Automatically Enable HTTPS On Your Site

Script to Build A Docker Image, Push to AWS EC2 Container Registry, Then Deploy to Elastic Beanstalk

NVIDIA Docker: Build and Run Docker Containers Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs



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Twitter Releases A High Performance Replicated Log Service

Redis 3.2.0 Released: Lots of New Features

HTTP/2 is Web Performance Candy

ImageTragick: Major ImageMagick Vulnerabilities

Rack: Open-Source PaaS on AWS

lambda-comments: Use AWS Lambda to Host Blog Comments

My URL Isn’t Your URL

DevOps 2.0: User-Centered Deployments?




Docker Launches a Vulnerability Scanner for Containers

CloudFlare Rolls out WebSockets Support for All Users

From SQL to Microservices: Integrating AWS Lambda with Relational Databases

Get Started with rkt Containers in 3 Minutes

Getting Started with LXC On A Scaleway Cloud Server

Real World Microservices: When Services Stop Playing Well and Start Getting Real

Introducing TAuth: Why OAuth 2.0 Is Bad for Banking APIs and How We’re Fixing It

8 Container Orchestration Tools to Know

smlr: Re-Encode JPEG Images with No Perceivable Quality Loss

TCPTuner: Congestion Control Your Way

htop: An Interactive Process Viewer for Unix

Supergiant: Open-Source Datacenter Total Control System

10 DIY Development Boards for IoT Prototyping



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How Stack Overflow Does Deployment – 2016 Edition

How HTTP/2 Will Speed Up the Web

Learn OAuth2 By Playing Zork

Book: ‘Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems’

DevOps Gold Nuggets: Scaling Down Gracefully with AWS Lambda and HAProxy

Slacker: Fast Distribution with Lazy Docker Containers

Container-Ready Rails 5

From Application Metrics to Customer Experience Metrics




CloudFlare Announces Support for HTTP/2 Server Push

Book: ‘Microservices for Java Architects’

Reducing JPEG File Sizes for the Web

Improving Angular Performance with 1 Line of Code

Deploying a Static Site with Cron and Git

Infrastructure As Code: Automating AWS EC2 VMs with SaltStack

Using NGINX on Heroku to Serve Single Page Apps and Avoid CORS

Codeless API Reshaping with AWS API Gateway

Name Calling: A Look at Server Naming Conventions

Why Redis Beats Memcached for Caching

The Seven Biggest Challenges of Deployment to ECS

handy-nginx-includes: ‘Best Practice’ NGINX Configuration Includes

uvloop: Blazing Fast Async Python Networking Framework



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Best Practice for HTTP2 Front-end Deployments

The Joy of Deploying Apache Storm on Docker Swarm

What Does Hosting ‘Unsplash’ Cost?

Jenkins 2.0 Released: The Open Source Automation Server

Heroku Review Apps Now Generally Available

Introducing NGINX 1.10 and 1.11

No More Tools

Sites That Block Adblockers Seem to Be Suffering




Empty DDoS Threats: Meet the Armada Collective

Which Browsers Have HTTP/2 Push Support?

Automatic Replacement of Autoscaling Nodes with Equivalent Spot Instances

Postman: Building an API Collaboration Platform for Two Million Developers

How to Avoid Storing Security Credentials On GitHub

tcptee: A Simple TCP Traffic Duplicator

Zombies Eating Your AWS Bill?

Testing Degraded Network Scenarios with rkt

Using DNS to Debug Downtime

Posting Successful SSH Logins to Slack

Building a Resilient Continuous Deployment System

Why Serverless Architecture Makes Sense for Live-Streaming Video

Considering Docker? Consider Security First

In The Land of Microservices, The Network Is The King(maker)

Diffee Checker: Instant Visual Diffing with CSS Blend Modes

Docker-Clean: A Script That Cleans Docker Containers, Images, Volumes, and Networks

tcpkali: A High Performance TCP and WebSocket Load Generator and Sink

Security Headers: Analyse Your HTTP Response Headers Now

Quarry: A Dynamic DNS Server with Swappable Backends and CRUD API



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How Twitter Handles 3,000 Images Per Second

An 8 Minute Tour of WebPageTest

Why WhatsApp Only Needs 50 Engineers for Its 900M Users

Four Companies Setting the Stage for Programmable Infrastructure

How To Deploy a Go Web Application with Docker

Why You Should Stop Installing Your WebDev Environment Locally

The Web is DOOM

An Introduction to Serverless Architecture

Azure Container Service Now Generally Available

Building Enterprise Level Apps on AWS Lambda with the DEEP Framework

The Curious Case of Slow Downloads




ServerlessConf: A Conference for Lambda / Serverless Architectures

Google CDN Beta Is Here… and It’s Already One of The Fastest CDNs Out There

Autodesk is Forging Ahead with Mesos, Containers and DC/OS

Detecting The Use of ‘curl | bash’ Server Side

Building Hypermedia APIs with Apache CouchDB

How to Deploy Secure, Auditable, and Reproducible Kubernetes Clusters on AWS

How to Build Quality Into Your Software Development Workflow

Elixir and Phoenix: The Future of Web APIs and Apps?

Walmart Labs CTO: How OpenStack Can Prevent Cloud Lock-in

The Challenges of Micro-Service Deployments

Switch: Write Apache and NGINX Confs in JSON for Easier Switching

DC/OS: The Incredible Scalable Container Platform

Wangle: An Asynchronous C++ Networking and RPC Library

AWS Device Farm: Remote Access to Devices for Interactive Testing

Microserver: Java Native, Zero Config, Battle Hardened REST Microservices Library

Minuteman: A Distributed, Highly Available Load Balancer

Gimel: Run Your Own A/B Testing Backend using AWS Lambda and Redis HyperLogLog



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Creating a Heavy-Duty Balancer With Nginx and Lua

GitHub’s CSP Journey: A Practical Look at Content Injection Mitigation

Continuous Deployment at Instagram

How Changing WebFonts Made Rubygems.org 10x Faster

Monitoring Microservices Architectures: Enterprise Best Practices

F8 Reveals New Facebook Developer Tools and Services

Deploy Your Own REST API in 30 Mins Using mLabs and Heroku

Here’s How Google Makes Sure It (Almost) Never Goes Down

Containerized PHP Development Environments with Vagga




Announcing NGINX Plus R9

Ridiculously Fast API Authentication with Phoenix

Troubleshooting Kubernetes: How Container Metadata Changes Your Point of View

Uploading, Resizing and Serving Images with Google Cloud Platform

The Comeback of Grids

Why Enterprises Want Containers Now — And Why You Should Too

Lessons From A Google App Engine SRE on Serving Over 100bn Requests Per Day

A Faster FT.com

The Trouble with CloudFlare

Thoughts on Page Load Performance

Pilot53: Automatic DNS for EC2 Instances on Route53

14 Tools That Raise Web and App Performance

DNS Check: Monitor, Share and Troubleshoot DNS Records

Habitus: A Build Flow Tool for Docker

AWSnycast: Routing Daemon for AWS Route Tables, to Simulate An Anycast Like Service



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From Side Project to 250 Million Daily Requests

Azure Functions: An Event Driven, Compute-on-Demand Experience

Now: The Fastest Way to Deploy A Node.js Service

imgix Page Weight Tool

What Every Browser Knows About You

To Compress or Not to Compress, That was Uber’s Question

Optimize Web Performance Under Varying Network Conditions

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): Open or Closed?




CoreOS CTO: Containers Are the Next Linux Package Manager

Web Performance Analytics Vendor Soasta Raises $30 Million

Google Reveals Own Security Regime Policy Trusts No Network, Anywhere, Ever

Building a Dynamic DNS for Route 53 using CloudWatch Events and Lambda

How to Achieve 100/100 with the Google Page Speed Test Tool

Top 10 Tenets of A System Administrator

Federated Clusters with Docker Swarm

How to Choose The Right DevOps Tools

Still Think You Don’t Need HTTPS?

AWS Lambda: A Few Years of Advancement and We’re Back to Stored Procedures

Latency Numbers Everyone Should Know

The Trouble with Tor

Introducing doctl: A Command Line Interface to DigitalOcean

Dockaless: Serverless Docker Functions

Vegeta: An HTTP Load Testing Tool



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netdata: Open Source Real-Time Performance Monitoring

AWS Networking, Environments and You

Book Review: Amazon Web Services in Action

(Abusing) Elasticsearch as a Framework

Say Hello to Docker for Mac

Google Stackdriver: Unified Monitoring and Logging for GCP and AWS

Embracing The Network

Why You Should Use Clojure for Your Next Microservice

Inline CSS at Khan Academy: Aphrodite




Kubernetes 1.2 Offers Rolling Updates, Persistent Volumes

NGINX 1.9.13 Released

Introducing A New Web Performance Metric for Media Sites: Activity Impact Score

Amazon Presents .AWS

Building Serverless Microservices with Zappa and Flask

Avoiding Pitfalls with DNS and AWS Elastic Load Balancer

How We Implemented The Video Player in Mail.ru Cloud

Once Again on TCP vs UDP

Application Architectures with Persistent Storage

A Look Inside Etsy’s Scale and Engineering Culture with Jon Cowie

Deploying a Private PaaS: The Good, the Meh, and the Aw Crap

How to Read Web Performance Stats

Containers Are Not VMs

Serverless On AWS: A Game Changer

New Progressive Web App Helps Flipkart Boost Conversions [PDF]

The FT Labs Web Performance Widget

Lwan: A High-Performance, Scalable Web Server



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